Hemp Oil and CBD: The Complete Beginner’s CBD and Hemp Oil Guide for Optimal Health, Healing and Beauty




What if the secret to unlocking bountiful health, gorgeous and full, vibrant skin, fighting cancer and inflammation—and even losing weight—all existed in, well, a hemp plant? Forget what you know about its associations with “getting stoned.” It’s not about that at all.

With this CBD and Hemp Oil: the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to CBD and Hemp Oil book, you dive deep into the world of CBD oil and hemp oil, learning how best to purchase it, how best to take it to heal yourself and boost your nutrition, the very serious differences between hemp oil and CBD oil, and whether or not you can use it for pain management, arthritis, cancer ailments, your skin, your face, and your mind. Learn how to make it at home, extracting the oils from the seeds and the plant itself. And find recipes that allow you to make soaps, dressings, hummus, lip balms, and body butters to ensure you maximize your health, with style, pretty smells, and delightful flavors.

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