Joint & Muscle Active Relief Hemp Cream – Deep Heat Sensation. Natural Extracts Soothe Feet, Joints, Knees, Back & Shoulders with Arnica, MSM, Turmeric & Aloe Vera (250ml)

✔ MIRAMARA HEMP CREAM – Looking for a pain relief cream that actually works? Look no further! Our Muscle & Joint Relief Cream uses clinically proven ingredients to provide fast-acting, effective relief to affected areas. Perfect for sore muscles and joints. The Cream will help relax your muscles, improve your blood circulation and help loosen stiff joints and tendons for increased mobility and flexibility.
✔ CHRONIC PAIN RELIEF – High strength 2000mg hemp oil extract combined with 8 clinically proven pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients effectively soothes sore muscles, stiffness and inflammation. Forget about hip & joint pain, and enjoy relaxing life.
✔ BREAKTHROUGH DELIVERY SYSTEM – Absorbs quickly to provide targeted relief to your back, neck, knees, hip, shoulders, elbows, joints and muscles. Effective for people who need support for managing aches, stiffness, sprains, soreness and injuries. Suitable for external use anywhere on the body.




MiraMara Hemp Extract Cream provides PURE, SAFE and NATURAL PAIN RELIEF!

Have you been thinking of using hemp for your pain? Hemp is a new revolutionary compound that is bringing relief to millions around the world.
If you suffer from any type of pain – chronic, exercise-related, or from an acute injury, hemp cream may be the silver bullet you’ve been searching for.

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons adults seek medical care and miss out on work.

Whether you are a physically active individual or a sedentary person who sits in front of the computer all day, we experience all sorts of body aches and pains. Ignoring chronic pain can force you to stay at home and miss work, skip your workout session, or lose precious time spent with your loved ones.

Live each day without aches and pains with MiraMara’s Hot Hemp Cream.
Our hemp cream sets itself apart from other hemp salves out there by delivering a hot, warming effect on your muscles and joints — other hemp creams rely on cooling effects to numb away pain.

Hemp cream is packed with natural compounds that provide immediate and lasting relief from all sorts of aches and pains, such as migraine headaches, muscle cramps, back pain, neck pain, pain in knees, hip, shoulders, elbows and joints.

Our muscle rub is further enhanced by the addition of MSM, aloe, arnica, and turmeric extract, which work together for best pain relief results.


– All natural ingredients
– 2000 mg Hemp Extract
– Zero THC (no psychoactive effects)
– Third Party Tested

MiraMara Natural Hemp Cream is created to relieve:
– Knee pain
– Hip Pain
– Back Pain
– Sciatic Nerve Pain
– Neck Pain
– Ankle pain
– Achy Muscles
– Joint Pain
– Inflammation
✔ LOOKING FOR A PAIN RELIEF CREAM THAT ACTUALLY WORKS? – Look no further! Unlike most hemp gel available today, our hemp massage cream delivers a hot, warming effect that can significantly reduce discomfort caused by muscle, knees, neck and joint pains. Deep relief muscle relaxant cream that will help you to get rid of pain.
✔ HIGH STRENGTH HEMP OIL PAIN RELIEF extract combined with 8 clinically proven pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients effectively relief muscle pain, knee pain, foot pain, stiffness and inflammation. Forget about hip & joint pain, and enjoy relaxing life.
✔ QUICKLY ABSORBED – Our hemp muscle rub cream deeply penetrates the skin, providing quick pain relieving effects without leaving any residue, unwanted odors, or a sticky feeling on your skin.
✔ ARE YOU HAVING A PROBLEM SLEEPING AT NIGHT – Relax and let the active hemp soothe your aches away, allowing for a more comfortable night’s sleep. MiraMara hemp cream will aid your recovery from the toughest workouts and long hours at the desk, helping to relieve discomfort in your Muscles and Tendons. Perfect for use before and after exercise providing better recovery and helping to treat injuries & muscle fatigue.
✔ MAXIMUM EFFECTIVE CURE – Use the hemp cream as many times as necessary in the morning and in the evening, for muscle pain relief, neck, shoulder, knee and lower back pain especially for the first 21 days as the effects accumulate. Some problems take longer than others, please be patient.

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